Pilates for Seniors: You are as young as you feel!

Pilates for Seniors: You are as young as you feel!

The classical Pilates method is exercise for everyone. It is as powerful for those who already exercise as it is for those who can’t do higher impact activities anymore. Whether you are fit or out of shape, young or not so young, Pilates training will improve the quality of your life.

To begin, find your neighborhood Pilates studio. For a Venice Pilates studio and Marina del Rey Pilates studio, Turning Point Pilates is the perfect place to connect with friendly, knowledgeable instructors who will take into account all of your individual needs. Often flexibility, balance and endurance are concerns as we age. These issues and many more are addressed, and will improve, if Pilates is practiced regularly.

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Turning Point Pilates 2013 Holiday Party


Turning Point Pilates recently hosted a holiday party that also raised money to be sent for disaster relief in the Philippines. A raffle with an assortment of lovely prizes that included gift certificates donated by local restaurants, spas and shops.  The party was a fun, festive event that spread good cheer to all in attendance! If you are looking for Pilates classes in Marina del Rey, Pilates in Mar Vista or Culver City or Pilates classes in Venice, Turning Point Classical studio is a hop, skip and a jump. Their experienced teachers are ready to support you. Give the gift of health with a Gift Certificate from the studio a great way to start out the new year! Visit the website or Buy a gift card.

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A Pilates Practice

      “For the things we have to learn before we can do them,
we learn by doing them.”    Aristotle,           

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And so it is with a Pilates practice. Pilates is not for the impatient. It takes practice. It takes surrender, it dares you to be a beginner and forgo instant gratification. If you can,  (or if you want to try) do as I've suggested, you will be greatly rewarded with that great feeling, the feeling of accomplishment and renewed respect for your strong and more supple body and you too will be addicted.

-Robin Solo  
 Turning Point Pilates


A Condensed Cool Guide to Venice Beach's Abbot Kinney

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by Samantha Durbin, July 23, 2012.                        

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Up here you may not have heard the word that GQ recently dubbed Venice Beach's Abbot Kinney Boulevard “The coolest block in America.” The reality is that Abbot Kinney (AK for short) is more than one block and it's pretty cool. It has everything a shopper and foodie could consume. It runs through historical beach bohemia. Colorful people abound. And, it's summer in Los Angeles—the perfect time for a quick escape south.

If you are in Los Angeles for a limited time, a condensed guide can be handy. After all, not every store and restaurant is a winner for discerning NorCal tastes. Here is a San Francisco transplants guide to Abbot Kinney, with a special added bonus: Recommendations on up-and-coming Rose Avenue, a hop, skip and a cruiser ride from Abbot Kinney. See article here.