Pilates for Seniors: You are as young as you feel!

Change your mind. Change your body.

The classical Pilates method is exercise for everyone. It is as powerful for those who already exercise as it is for those who can’t do higher impact activities anymore. Whether you are fit or out of shape, young or not so young, Pilates training will improve the quality of your life.

To begin, find your neighborhood Pilates studio. For a Venice Pilates studio and Marina del Rey Pilates studio, Turning Point Pilates is the perfect place to connect with friendly, knowledgeable instructors who will take into account all of your individual needs. Often flexibility, balance and endurance are concerns as we age. These issues and many more are addressed, and will improve, if Pilates is practiced regularly.

Classical Pilates training, just the facts.

Fact 1: The classical Pilates method of exercise lets you take back control of your body. You will build stability starting with a small range of motion, and as you gain strength and confidence, your instructor will adjust your training. Pilates focuses on quality of movement over quantity.

Fact 2: Pilates is a great exercise program for seniors because it builds muscle and bone density. The low impact exercises increase energy and flexibility which are important as we grow older.  Give yourself the gift of health so you can enjoy activities you love like gardening, traveling, or playing with the grandkids with less risk of pain and injury.

Fact 3: With classical Pilates you will engage your core like never before! Having a strong core from which to move will improve balance and reduce the risk of falls. Lengthening and decompressing your spine may give you back some of the height you’ve lost with age. What’s not to love?

Fact 4: Classical Pilates training helps your body AND your mind. Doctors everywhere are suggesting Pilates to help with:



   Core strength

   Deteriorating posture


   Lower back issues


   Pelvic floor issues

   Rehab after knee surgery

   Rehab after hip surgery



And the flow of movement in Pilates method helps recovery in stroke patients, and people with degenerative diseases like MS and Parkinson’s.

The only thing left to do? Walk through that door. Get started at Turning Point Pilates today in a private session with a certified instructor. Or take a $15 group class to see what Pilates can do for you. For your convenience, we offer classes seven days a week.

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