Unlimited Pilates Classes

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UNLIMITED Monthly Memberships!
Turning Point Pilates now offers two.
Why a monthly membership?

  • Budget friendly
  • convenience
  • flexibility
  • all access! 

Gold Membership: $350. (unlimited classes and 1private lesson)
Silver Membership: $300.  (unlimited classes)

These are ideal for frequent class attendees allowing you to mix it up between reformer, jump and mat classes. Payment is set up as an automatic 1x charge per month to your credit card on file.

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A Pilates Practice

      “For the things we have to learn before we can do them,
we learn by doing them.”    Aristotle,           

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And so it is with a Pilates practice. Pilates is not for the impatient. It takes practice. It takes surrender, it dares you to be a beginner and forgo instant gratification. If you can,  (or if you want to try) do as I've suggested, you will be greatly rewarded with that great feeling, the feeling of accomplishment and renewed respect for your strong and more supple body and you too will be addicted.

-Robin Solo  
 Turning Point Pilates