Turning Point Pilates | The Canals Magazine

Robin Solo and Turning Point Pilates is in the latest issue of The Canals Magazine -- a publication for the Venice Canals Community of Venice Beach, CA.


When and how did you first explore Pilates? I was working in commercial and film production for 12 years and at some point it wasn't satisfying on a deep level. I knew I wanted to do some- thing more fulfilling. I was taking Pilates and loved it and the equipment and decided to pursue the certification.


How has Pilates benefited your life? When I was younger I was fairly closed emotionally. Being of service, working inti- mately with people's bodies, and speaking intimately at times too, forced me out my comfort zone, really pushed me out my shell where my heart opened and compassion swelled. Addi- tionally, how awesome is it to have a job where there's little ego BS and mainly gratitude and good vibes?