Pilates Classes in Playa del Rey

Playa del Rey, literally “King’s Beach,” offers the kind of beautiful vistas that make you feel like royalty. But, sometimes, the close proximity to LAX and the grind of everyday life can leave residents here looking for an escape. Fortunately, peace of mind can be found just around the corner at Turning Point Pilates. Everyone, from beginners to advanced students, can balance their bodies and minds at this neighborhood Pilates studio.Once you’re sufficiently relaxed, you can take in the many local Playa del Rey sights:

  • Ballona Creek
  • Del Rey Lagoon

Playa del Rey Traditional Pilates Fun Facts:

  • Pilates works the whole body, especially the core.
  • The inventor of the technique was Joseph Pilates.
  • Pilates can give you the strength need to get the most out of your next swim/surf in the Pacific.

Pilates in Playa del Rey:


Find A Pilates Class near Playa Del Rey for You:

At the Turning Point Pilates Studio, you can find a number of reformer pilates classes, traditional and classical pilates classes, and mat & floor exercise classes. Check out the links below for useful pilates information and class scheduling:

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