Improved strength, flexibility, and confidence is a class away!

New to Pilates? Thinking about changing studios? Have you recently moved, switched jobs or has a favorite instructor changed zip codes?

Take your 1st class for $15. Jump, Mat, or mixed level reformer.      

Introductory Consultation $65.

Prefer privates? Buy our intro offer;
3 privates for $185.

*We highly recommend taking a private/s before a group class if you are new to Pilates*

Online Privates

Zoom or Skype Sessions
$100.00 / Single
$950 / 10 Series
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Unlimited Monthly

Monthly Memberships
$350 / Gold Membership
*Unlimited Classes + 1 Private
$300 / Silver Membership
*Unlimited Classes                  

These are ideal for frequent class attendees allowing you to mix it up between reformer, mat and jump classes.  Payment is setup as an auto debit to your credit on file. No contracts!


Private Pilates Session
$85 / Single
$400/5 Series
$800/10 Series
$1500/20 Series

Semi-Private Session
$60 / Single
$300/5 Series
$550/10 Series
$1000/20 Series

Reformer and Jump Class
$35 / Single
$175/5 Series
$325/10 series
$625/20 series