Pilates Classes in Culver City 

Culver City is known as “The Heart of Screenland,” one of the centers of film and television production in the Los Angeles area. Whether you work in the industry or not, life around here can be a mix of luxurious and stressful. Fortunately, relaxation can be found just a few miles away at Turning Point Pilates. Other places to relax in the area include:

  • Culver Hotel
  • Kirk Douglas Theatre
  • Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum
  • Culver Ice Arena

Culver City Classical Pilates Fun Facts:

  • Pilates has been around for almost a century.
  • The original name for Pilates was “Contrology.”
  • The center of the body is strengthened by Pilates so that students can use it more effectively in their everyday lives.

Pilates in Marina Del Rey: 


Find A Pilates Class near Culver City for you:

At the Turning Point Pilates Studio, you can find a number of reformer pilates classes, traditional pilates classes, and mat and floor exercise classes. Check out the links below for useful pilates information and class scheduling: