Pilates Classes in Marina Del Rey 

You know those days where you can’t catch a break? The kids forgot to put their homework in their backpack, you hit every red light, and you’re unexpectedly given a massive work project? Daily life offers up so many obstacles causing stress and agitation. Channel your negativity into constructive stress busting exercise at Turning Point Pilates next to Marina del Rey in Venice. You’ll decompress, let go of all the tension and forget all your “stuff” for an hour. Pilates encourages you to:

  • Take time out for yourself
  • Focus your attention on your body
  • Build strength
  • Be present to the moment
  • Increase confidence 

Marina Del Rey Pilates Fun Facts:

  • Pilates was originally called Contrology
  • One hour of Pilates burns calories all day long 
  • Every Pilates move works the ENTIRE body!

Pilates in Marina Del Rey: