Improved strength, flexibility, and confidence is a class away!

New to Pilates? Thinking about changing studios? Have you recently moved, switched jobs or has a favorite instructor changed zip codes?

Take your 1st class for $15. Jump, Mat, or mixed level reformer.      

Introductory Consultation $65.

Prefer privates? Buy our intro offer;
3 privates for $185.

*We highly recommend taking a private/s before a group class if you are new to Pilates*


Unlimited Monthly

Monthly Memberships
$350 / Gold Membership
*Ultra Class /1 Private

$300 / Silver Membership
*Unlimited Classes                  

These are ideal for frequent class attendees allowing you to mix it up between reformer, mat and jump classes. Payment is setup as an automatic one-time charge to your credit on file.




Private Pilates Session
$85 / Single
$400/5 Series
$800/10 Series
$1500/20 Series

Semi-Private Session
$60 / Single
$300/5 Series
$550/10 Series
$1000/20 Series

Reformer and Jump Class
$35 / Single
$175/5 Series
$325/10 series
$625/20 series