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New to Pilates?  We’d like to help. Take advantage of 1 free group class.

Thinking about changing studios? Have you recently moved, switched jobs or has a favorite teacher changed zip codes?

Prefer privates? We offer 3 privates for $185.00. Achieve core confidence!

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Reap the benefits of Turning Point Pilates

Dedicated to your well-being, we teach Classical Pilates so you can move with confidence, grace, more power and less pain—if you’ve been bothered by physical conditions.

Improved strength, flexibility and core fitness increases stamina and defies the effects of aging….





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Why So Many Guys Drop In

Are you a successful athlete ready to take your performance to the next level? After an extra edge to help you win at golf or tennis?
Looking for more strength to throw an opponent off balance or off of you?  Want to improve your core to make the most of  your next surf, snow, or diving trip?

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