Our studio teaches the classical Pilates Method developed by Joseph Pilates adhering as closely as possible to Joseph Pilates original work. This means it’s not a fusion with yoga, spin or circuit training. It’s the real deal. Come in, feel the difference!


Today there are many different schools of Pilates which greatly differ from Joe Pilates original method. The dilution of the method to Pilates -based workouts has caused much confusion as well as misconceptions about Pilates training.


Instead of working major muscle groups in isolation like a gym work out, Pilates should work your whole body making each move a whole body effort. Also considered a mind body workout because it requires a high level of concentration and attention to detail. To get the most out of it, you need to be really present mentally and precise about form. Exercises done on the Reformer and the mat/floor exercises are taught in a specific order to gain a strong and stable core from which to move, spinal flexibility, mobility and decompression of your spine and joints.


When all your muscles are engaged at the same time and your mind is focused on coordinating all your muscles like an orchestra not only will you sweat but you will forget about everything else giving you a break from perceived problems and stress.


Our clients are diverse. The strength of the method is that it really is exercise for everyone, Whether you’re fit already, de-conditioned, an athlete, young, elderly, injured, pregnant, male or female you will greatly  benefit from Pilates.


Change your mind, change your body. Try Pilates! You will definitely feel awesome.