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“Can I do Pilates in a full leg cast?”—surfer, kickboxer, architect and Turning Point student David Hertz

Are you a successful athlete ready to take your performance to the next level? After an extra edge to help you win at golf or tennis? Has MMA messed-up your back? Looking for more strength to throw an opponent off balance or off you? Want to improve your core to make the most of for your next surf, snow, or diving trip?

7 year client Gary Morgan says, “I like Pilates because giving you that core strength enables you to do  all your other sports, it enables you to look after your back and really pull your whole core area together giving you a great deal of strength in other exercises you want to do. It’s the basis of my whole exercise regime.”

Injury prevention, increasing core fitness , flexibility and getting the Pilates edge are what brings athletes to Turning Point Pilates. Whether these reasons drive your session or it’s that you’re over 40 and seek the internal strength to maintain your current level of activities, you can play long and strong.



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And yes, our client, David Hertz, actually upped his schedule at Turning Point Pilates to retain his core strength for surfing and kickboxing while his leg was in a cast.